Monday, September 26, 2011

Gold Stars

We have a Family Expectations Chart which lists each of the kiddos' weekly responsibilities....from morning routine (which must be completed and checked off by 8 a.m.) to tasks to be completed during the day (they rotate being the "server" at each meal) and there are boxes that you mark off if you miss a responsibility.  If you do mark a box, it is your responsibility to ask, "What can I do to help?"  This gives them a chance to focus on how to improve next time.  And let's face it, it also helps me get my work done!  Ron develped the Family Expectations Chart and I have to say, he's rather brilliant.  

One portion of the chart is the "gold star" area where you have an opportunity to earn a gold star for doing something extraordinary for the family.  Basically, this is where we catch them doing really cool stuff for each other, or for us.  It can be a variety of things and varies by age.  If you earn 3 gold stars during the week, you get to pick a prize from the prize bin.....a random basket of assorted toys, stickers, earrings (my older girls are demanding more than stickers these days :)) and the like.

So when I came down Saturday morning for breakfast and found that one of the GLAM clan had rounded up all of the soccer gear -- bags, balls, shin guards, cleats, socks and jerseys -- they most certainly earned a gold star!