Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bunny What?!

This is the letter I received from my daughter this week.

Things I have done to show I am responsible to have a bunny:
1. I have been made responsible with walking other people's dogs.
2. I have watched Kate and Paige's dogs.
3. I have helped Kate feed, water, set-up the cage and play with Coconut -- Kate's bunny.
4. I can take care of my siblings by myself and I have many times.  (many?)
Is it necessary to call your parents out on their occasional lie in/nap in the middle of your letter?
5. I have been and can be trusted with lots of things including, strangers, dogs, sibs, friend's kids and  friend's dogs.

Things I will do if I get a bunny:
1. I will pay for any pet bills.
2. I will share my pet with my sibs (with permission).
3. I will spend at least 30 min/day with it. Every day.
4. I will clean the cage every week.
5. I will change its water and food every day.
6. I will make sure it gets exercise.
7. I will protect it.

How could you not reward that?