Friday, June 12, 2009

Throwback Friday

We recently had a bit of a tent upgrade.  Let me explain.  When Ron and I married, (10 years ago come August!) we bought a 2-man pup tent for our Oregon camping adventures.  It seemed, and was, completely appropriate for that time.  

Not quite as appropriate is that we have continued to stuff our many children in each year....and passed it off as fun

Here we are last year.  Well, minus Gabe who probably refused to post for a picture.  Anyone surprised?  Yes, Madeline - 7 at the time - was almost as tall as the tent!

And here's our upgrade.  Thanks to our friends Mark and Cara who camp with us and couldn't bear watching another year of abuse of camping with the old tent.  Happy Birthday to us.

And this is Gabe standing inside our new tent.  The thing is enormous.  Huge.  Its an 8-man tent....8 very large men.  They said they went with the 8-man, "just in case."

Very funny, guys.