Friday, June 5, 2009

So, last week Bethany and I were sitting out enjoying a beautiful sunny day when the girls asked if I could get the jumpy-thingy out for them.  

I very nicely explained, "that thing weighs 100 lbs", there is NO way I could drag it myself, and that maybe when Daddy gets home he can drag it from the storage room to the yard.
(which, btw, is approximately 1 mile) which my eldest daughter replied, "Mom, shouldn't we at least have a chance to bring it up by ourselves?  I mean, aren't we always supposed to try?"

And how can you argue with that?

Video #1 (Video #2 below)
(scroll down and pause music before viewing)

As you can see, they managed to drag that Bouncy House allllllll the way from the storage room to the backyard, set it up and jump in it all afternoon.  I have to say, I was way impressed.  
And I might have learned a small lesson in the process.