Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Locks of Love - Part Deux

Remember this post?  How time does fly.

At that time, Abigail was adamant that she was not donating her hair. She actually cried about it one night.  That's an entirely different blog entry.  A few months later, after she and Maddie had combed the Locks of Love website and saw how they improve young girl's lives, she changed her mind.  

She began feverishly wishing her hair to grow....refusing even a trim over the past year.  "I need at least 10 inches Mom!"

Well, today was the day.  Here's a before shot of her eating a s'more at our campout this past weekend. (sorry 'bout catching you with your mouth full Abbs!)

And here she is a few minutes ago when we arrived home.

She was so proud to accomplish her goal.  And I am so proud of her!