Sunday, August 24, 2008

Throwback Friday.....a little late

I will never forget this day.  We had volunteered to feed the homeless and our "item to bring" was 250 Twinkies.  Apparently, that was dessert.  (I don't plan the menu people....but I did volunteer several other suggestions.)

As we headed to the store, the girls were like, "Uh, Mom, what are Twinkies?"  It occurred to me (ok, that is a huge lie....I knew they didn't know what they were.  Sorry, I'm outing myself.) that they had never had one before.  Now before you think this is terrible, I found out about Little Debbie cakes (and the like) in 1st grade during lunch.  My Mom packed carob for my delightful snack.  

Have you heard of carob?  It is cultivated from the Carob Tree and the edible seed pods are considered (by no one other than my wonderful mother) to be "healthy" chocolate.  

So, I am way ahead of schedule with my kids and not nearly as crazy.
(I love you Mom!)

Twinkie Taste Test Outcome:
Madeline said, "Ick!" and threw her Twinkie in the trash.  
Abigail ate every. single. bite.