Friday, August 22, 2008


I might have lugged all the kids downtown to my endo appointment today.....much to the chagrin of the attending nurse.  She opened the door to call my name and immediately rolled her eyes.  Nice. 
(in fairness to me - not that I really care about "fair" - I called to warn/ask permission to bring my gaggle.)

And if only she knew - I had already bribed said children with lollipops and a trip to Wendy's if they could survive stuffy doc office.

Determined to "move in the opposite spirit", I told her how amazing she looked and asked if she had lost weight recently.  (Ok, not really.  I wish I would have thought of that though.)

At any rate, the doc finally arrived (after Gabe nearly tore the office apart and used up all the medical gloves - boys are F-U-N!) and started to review my file.  The best part of the appointment was when he said, "Well, if you were trying to conceive we'd really be in trouble.  Your thyroid is all out of whack!"
(huh?  not sure what you're talking about doc.  conceive?)

Did he really need to say ALL. OUT. OF. WHACK.  Just like that.  Isn't there some type of medical term for my off-the-chart numbers?  Seriously.