Monday, August 4, 2008

Big Question

Here is the first interesting conversation of the day....before breakfast:

Madeline: (running into room with anticipation)  Mom, am I adopted?
Me: Umm, no.  Well, I mean God adopted all of us, is that what you are talking about?
M:  No, I'm wondering if I am adopted.  (very hopeful)
Me: You're not sweetie.  (letting her down gently)
M:  I just really thought I was because of this picture.  (she thrusts photo in front of me)

Quick break:
Ok, at this point, I am trying not to burst out laughing.  Its a photo that our friends Liz and Charlie took when were at Disneyworld.....11 years ago.  They took the photo from behind and we are walking towards a crowd of people (with our hands in each other's back pockets....but that is an entirely different story.)
Ok, we're back:

M:  I mean, you look like you are running to get me.  Like I was being adopted.  
Me:  (still letting her down easy)  Sweetie, you actually came out of my tummy.   Isn't that exciting?
M:  Yeah.  (definitely no Oscar nomination)