Monday, June 9, 2008

Vaseline and....well, isn't that enough?

Lauren came downstairs this afternoon covered - completely and totally - from head to toe in Vaseline.  

I'm talking, I had to scrub her down with dry towels before throwing her in the tub and dousing her with soap.  Ok, so Madeline did the tub part.  But only because I was removing Vaseline from every object within a 3 year-olds reach starting in the upstairs bathroom and ending (Thank God) in the kitchen downstairs.  

Oh, and the funniest part.  She didn't even seemed to be phased by the Vaseline.  She walked in and said, "Mom, am I wearing tacky pants?" 
(I can't tell her its "khaki" - we just got over her switching from faffle to waffle)