Friday, June 13, 2008

A Lesson in Humility

So, I let my kids run around in the rainstorm today.  A huge thunderstorm with bucks of water pouring down.
Why, you ask? Because I didn't want to. Because I was too lazy to deal with the mess of it all.

Let me back up and share this from the beginning which actually started yesterday.

I am running around doing laundry, picking up the house and who knows what else and I see the girls come around the corner with HUGE shopping bags. 
Immediately, I am annoyed. Not too proud to admit it either.  Just putting it in very small print so maybe you'll miss it.

The girls have started a tradition where they pick items from around the house and give them to us on special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)  I once received a pair of sandals I didn't realize I owned.  Its fun to see all the things you never even knew you had. Believe me, these girls can dig through drawers and closets like Indiana Jones searching for the Holy Grail. They don't miss much.

Anyway, I can see from the bulky bags that they have accumulated about 2,469 items from around the house.....the house I was in the process of cleaning.  Here's where Mother of the Year Award goes back up for grabs:
As if it was ever mine, I just burst out laughing.

Me:  Hey, watcha guys doin?  (praying I am somehow wrong and they have actually gathered shoes from the boot box and are putting them back in the appropriate closets)
M&A: (very excited voices)  We are gathering things for Daddy for Father's Day!
Me: (trying to hide annoyance in voice)  Oooooh.  Let me see.

And then I error.  Big time.  I start to explain that we don't really need to give Daddy all of this stuff.   I'm trying to clean the house right now and couldn't they just help clean instead of un-cleaning.  (nice grammar lesson Mommy)

I see these big crocodile tears start forming in Maddie's eyes and I feel like a real schmuck.  So much so that I am considering deleting this. No, really. 

I back peddle as best I can but I still feel like a schmuck.  Still, as in, this very moment.  Still.                   And, yep, Still.

And so today when they ask if they can strip down to their undies and run around in the pouring rain I say, "Yes." 
So, I have a few wet towels to deal with (and hair and undies and the floor and Gabe...who's really keeping track) 

Get over it.  Honestly.

I'm hoping years from now they'll remember the run in the rain and not the shopping bag incident.