Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Raw Food Week

Madeline, Lauren and I are on 7 days of raw foods.  Why 7 days?  Who knows?  And why are only 3 of the 8 of us participating?  Who knows?  Actually, I do know that, the 3 of us volunteered. :)
Our family is well over 50% raw and I am probably closer to 75-85% but we thought it might be fun to go 100% raw, well, just to see how it felt.

We are on Day 4 and it's been fantastic.  I've also made 4 trips to the need a loooooot of fresh fruits and veggies.  And we planned well ahead by having a plethora of raw nuts and seeds on hand, soaked and dehydrated.

So far we've made dehydrated veggie burgers, cashew granola, flax and herb crackers, oat groat cereal (tastes just like grape nuts!) fudge (yes, fudge!) and much more!  All 100% raw!

This afternoon, Madeline made a raw cocoa and banana shake for a quick snack.  Yum.  There is no way you could possibly miss cooked, processed food after drinking a glass of this delicious goodness!

Inspired by the recipe book shown (one of our favs!), this is what she did:

1 frozen banana
1 cup of raw milk
1 t. vanilla extract
1 T. raw organic cocoa powder
pinch real salt

(the recipe called for stevia or raw honey but she didn't think it needed it)

Add the above to the BlendTec and blend until smooth and creamy.  Simple!