Wednesday, October 31, 2012


One of the things we work on are map skills.  Not me though, I already know it all.

Last year the kids learned the United States.  Gabe (then PK) would trace the outline of our country and try to identify Ohio, while Madeline (then 5th grade) could outline the US and label each state.

This year we are working outside our country and one of my goals is for the younger ones to be able to identify each continent and place it (somewhat) appropriately on a sheet of paper.  Above, you will find Lauren's current rendition.  Not too shabby for 2nd grade.

My best investment was to hang a world and US map on a wall near our kitchen.  Whenever a country or place is mentioned, I have the kids run and find it on the map.  They now tell me, from memory, where places are located without even referring to the map.  And I am trying my best to learn along with them!