Saturday, May 2, 2009

Soccer Saturdays

Saturdays are all about soccer right now and I have to say.....its pretty amazing to watch the girls compete....and Ron coach.  They have a hustle like you wouldn't believe.  Gee, wonder where they got that from?  
(hint: Daddy's sports resume includes football, wrestling, baseball, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, rugby and much more)

I thought our Saturdays were already full of soccer but today I filled out registration for this Fall and realized we'll have 3 competing.  Go Lauren!

The nice part is the soccer fields are right across the street from the house so we literally jump on our bikes and go.  
(Ok, I made that sound waaaaaay too simple.  Its actually quite a production of 2 biking, one riding in the Kelty carrier, one in the stroller while Ron and I carry armloads of chairs, soccer balls, water bottles and numerous other paraphernalia.)

Nonetheless, its a blast.  Here's a few shots from today's games.

Abby kicking it in
She managed (yet another!) breakaway
And she scores!

I got this one guys! (I missed her goal a couple seconds later)
This almost looks like an illegal move!
Ready to head the ball