Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So, my brother (you too Jen -- you are so not off the hook sista!) and I have this back-and-forth battle where we dress our sons in funky threads.  Well, funky to us.

I thought we had somewhat of a truce going after I outfitted Max in this Winnie the Pooh concoction a few months back (notice the hair parted in the middle).
And took him to meet up with them at church.  Ha!

Apparently not.

We're at my parents on Memorial Day and the cousins were swimming in the kiddie pool.  Sam, being the loving, always-aiming-to-please brother that he is, offered to towel Gabe off and dress him.  Wasn't that sweet?  (read: sarcasm very thick)

Gabe shows back up in this get-up.  And yes, that would be Lightning McQueen from Pixar's film Cars blasted on the front of his demin overalls. The worst part:  Gabe couldn't have been more proud.  He kept walking around showing everyone and sticking his tummy out to make sure they didn't miss the obnoxiously big, red car on the front of his outfit.

You know what they say about Paybacks....