Sunday, April 5, 2009

Inventory Control Tags

So, I get this cute little message from my dry cleaners today (which I almost deleted out of my inbox without reading) that said: Beware of the Inventory Control Tags.

It went on to explain that its important to snip them out because they contain a colored dye that can release during washing or drying.  Really?  You don't say.

I really didn't need to read that since I have no experience with purple dye. Nope.

Ok, I have.  Ummm, like 9 different times.  It has literally almost driven me crazy because I can never figure out where the "purple pen" is coming from.  

I finally had to assume it was the Sock Monster and he was switching up his modus operandi.  Please tell me you know the Sock Monster.  He's the guy who comes during the dryer cycle and steals the matches to your socks.

I am off to cut out 700 tags.  Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Random thoughts by Kristen:
So, as I am typing this I hear Ron tell the girls that he is charging them a dollar to referee an argument for them (another Danny Silk technique...and trust me, it works).

After he finished explaining how it doesn't matter who sleeps in which sleeping bag and how to honor each other, he asked them to leave a dollar on his dresser.  Abigail comes back down a minute later with $6.00.  Ron said, "Sweetheart, you only need to leave me a dollar.  Why are you trying to give me $6.00?"
Her response:  Because I love you Dad!

A day in the life.....