Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday To You!

Madeline and I took the afternoon on Sunday to get ready for her (and Gabe's) party.  I gave her complete autonomy, letting her set up everything exactly the way she wanted to.  As we were working together, I asked her what she was most excited about. 
Her exact words:
"Even more than the presents, I am most looking forward to everyone singing Happy Birthday to me.  I love that part.  Everyone singing.  Its such a happy time!"

I was so touched by what she said and it was so completely Madeline to say it.

I will be honest and say I didn't think too much of it later (lots of activity with a huge family and 2 birthday celebrations!) until I downloaded the pictures and video later that night.  When I watched the video of the Happy Birthday song, I burst into tears.  She was so concerned about Gabe (he is seemingly reluctant about the whole thing) that she didn't even get to enjoy her part.
(scroll down & pause music before viewing)

I might have woken up at 2 am and started bawling again.  Ok, I did.  Poor Ron, he never knew what hit him!  Emotional much?  (Actually, yes)

Thankfully, I have an opportunity to "re-do" it again at her party tonight.  She is having a couple girlfriends over for little celebration.  Thank you God for second chances.