Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the Winner Is

Let me start by saying.....we should have done this a long time ago!  You guys came up with some incredible names!

You sent celebrity names, biblical names, popular names, classic names and a few names that we're going to let you name your children.  ;)

We are deciding between 2.....both of which you suggested to us.  Muy bien!

Here is a list of all the names that were submitted:
(don't worry, I'm going to announce the winner in just a sec)

Parker James Isaiah Colton Luke
Evan Lincoln Samuel Michael Jackson (I'm sorry, what?)
Luke Mitchell Landon Michael Caden Darren
Lee Cole Liam David Jackson Toller
Thomas William Daniel Japheth
Alexander Samuel Elijah Preston Landon
Mark Ayden Jeremiah Mason Tate
Timothy Liam Johnathan Cole Benjamin
John Isaiah Noah Isaiah Preston Ronald
David Jordan Xavier Benjamin Costello
Zachary Michael Quinn Logan Daniel
Caleb Asher Case
Carson Levi Jonah
Harrison Ryan  Connor
Sullivan Charlie Malachi
Jackson Jack Xander Ryan
Michael Jude Christian Ethan Daniel
Nathaniel Caden William Joseph
Joshua David Shane Benjamin Aiden
Elijah Isaiah Colson Zaccariah

The submission that came the closest to the name we are leaning toward is...............
........drum roll please........  Jodi 

Congratulations Jodi!  I will put you in touch with the incredible people over at Miracle Blanket who will send you a fabulous new Miracle Blanket of your choice!

*I chose to publish a list of your suggested names instead of all your awesome comments just to keep a bit of the mystery least until we decide between these 2 names! :)