Friday, February 27, 2009

Throwback Friday

I can't believe I get another one of these!  We had our ultrasound yesterday and.....
IT'S A........


"No pictures please - I'm sleeping"
(Gabe on his one week birthday)

The ultrasound was wondrous.  Incredible.  Literally breath-taking.  You would think these things would get old.  Not even close.  

We saw his eyelids.  Yes, eyelids.  And his eye lens.
The doc turned on the infa-red and we saw our baby boy being nourished --by moi -- through his umbilical cord. 
And his kidneys eliminating waste.
He tucked up his legs -- under his cute little behind -- criss cross, apple sauce.
We saw him swallow.

At 7 inches in length and a mere 9 ounces (see your cell phone for comparison), our son has every organ and body part working in perfect order.

Isn't our Creator amazing?