Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Honduras - Part 2

So, it seems that an in-depth blog on the trip is looking bleak. 
I'm spending all my time leisurely reading books with my feet up  getting back into something that resembles a routine.

Plan B is to post a few pictures every day or so explaining more about the mission.

We worked with Schools for Children of the World.  They build and renovate schools in the Honduras area.  
Here is the community center where more than 350 (!) children attend school in one room.  The room is partitioned (if you can call it that) into 3 sections.  
(warning:  building does not appear smaller in photo)

Here is one of the sweet, sweet girls that attend the school.  She walked down every day to ask when the new school would be open.  
She inspired us to work even harder....I mean, who could possibly resist this adorable face?