Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Double Check the Lock!

I hesitate to share this story lest you think I am an unfit parent.  However, in the interest of THANKING GOD FOR SAFETY, I will.

The kids were all playing in the living room and I was running around doing, well, I'm not even sure......something, right?

I walked back in the living room to check on Gabriel and he was no longer in the living room. And the sliding screen door to the backyard was open.  Yikes.  I immediately see him sitting there (this is where the "thank you God" comes in).  
He had opened the door, climbed down the patio stairs and was sitting in the mulch eating the scrapes from the girl's picnic lunch.  All this at mach speed.

I so, completely wish I were kidding.  

So, just in case you read this blog and think I have it all together (which, obviously means you don't actually read the blog), I don't.  Not even close.

I do, however, pray protection over my children.  Every. Single. Day.