Monday, April 7, 2008

Blinded by the Light

....and no I'm not referring to the Chris Thompson song from the 80's.

I am referring to our little dinner party last week.  Ron has become our handy man....well, that might be a stretch but let's just say he is now changing light bulbs and such around the house (love ya babe!)

Anyway, he bought these "new" light bulbs that use less energy, yada yada.  Now, I did not care for the look of these new bulbs but I tried to focus on the positive:  He did not even used to know where we kept that sort of thing...let alone make a trip to Home Depot, purchase and "install" them. ;)

Can we just say they were a wee bit bright?  As in, we had to shed a layer of clothing during the meal and locate the Tylenol for a massive headache afterwards!

The girls donned their sunglasses for the meal.
....and this is why!