Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Grade Blues

So, last Thursday I sent my baby off to First Grade. Actually, she is not my baby, she is my oldest. But, all the same, she felt like my baby and it was a sad day.

Because I was the first to have a child among my college friends, they often call or email when something big happens in her life (I love the way they humor me!) and so they had all called and emailed to find out when she was going, etc.
Here is the email I sent shortly after the bus pulled away:

Hey girls - She is on the bus for her first day of First Grade.
> And if it wasn't bad enough watching the bus pull away, I walked up
> the
> front porch to see her sign hanging on the door from last night:
> "Ballet classes, Madeline: teacher"
> (she taught me my first ballet step last night: tandu)
> I had no idea this would be so hard for me. I honestly could not have
> predicted in a million years that I would be this sad. Its hard to
> explain
> but I just feel like that time in my life is over....where I had
> all my
> babies "in the nest" so to speak.
> Its so cliché to say that "time flies" but it really, really does. I
> promise it was only yesterday that I was strapping her into her
> infant seat
> and jetting around town...dressing her in cute little baby
> clothes....listening to her say, "like a diaper in the sky" when
> she sang
> Twinkle Twinkle.
> Hug those babies tight. Thank you for your calls and emails the
> past couple
> days.
> Much love to all of you.
> Honored to be her Mommy,
> Cos