Monday, August 27, 2007

Computer Magic

Ok, so yesterday I decided to officially start a blog. See, I have these 4 journals in my kitchen drawer that I supposedly fish out every week or so and write down cute little stories about each of my kids. Only I don't. When I had one child, absolutely! When I had two, sometimes. When I got to 3, occasionally. When I reached 4....I haven't even recorded his "birth story" and he's nearly 6 months old. (Dear God, I pray he never reads Madeline's)

Anyway, this is my solution. I'll blog some cute stories, post a couple pictures and I'm still super-mom-of-the-year. Ok, well, at least I will have accomplished my goal.

So, yesterday's blog would have been titled "Computer Magic" and so I am starting there. Here is my conversation with Abigail, my 4 year old.

M: (typing away on my computer, returning emails)
A: (has just discovered old keyboard in the corner of the office and begins clacking away) Mom, Did "Party" just come up on the computer screen?
M: I'm sorry, what honey?
A: Did Party just show up on the screen?
M: Uh, no sweetheart.
A: Here, let me try again. (more clacking, this time very intense)
A: How about now Mom?
M: Uh, no.
A: Ugh! (very exasperated - runs out of office)

At this point I am FOTFL. Perhaps I am the only one that is amused at these children but it was shortly after this that I decided I simply can't forget all these stories. I guess sending Madeline off to 1st grade last week was my wake-up call. It goes way too quickly.