Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beet Smoothie!


We have lots of lots of beets from our CSA so I've been making beet smoothies the past week.  Beets are a blood purifier, improve digestion and have a significant amount of fiber.....and that's just 3 of the many beet benefits!

I make them similar to my green smoothies (and I even add greens) and grind away.  Here's what I did this morning:

purified water
frozen organic blueberries
organic lemon (cut off outer peel)
handful of organic beets (locally grown from our CSA, yay!)
a few large handfuls of organic greens (your choice!)

Grind in the BlendTec and serve!  Yum.

*thank you stock internet photo.  We drank ours before I could snap one!