Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blogging Break?

Not really.  I mean, not by my choosing of course.  The hard drive crashed.  Head-on collision style.  Crashed so hard that the guys here at the Apple store couldn't help.  Now that is saying something.  They managed the role of superhero when one of the GLLAM clan used my cd drive as a piggy bank.  True story.

Of course I had all of my photos and music backed up.
1000's of photos dating back to 2005, including the births of more than 1/2 my children.  Positively.  Not.
It was one of those.....I thought he was, he thought I was.....I really don't want to involve you in our stupidity personal matters. 

My oh-so-precious hard drive is on his way to California for a much-needed holiday.  Hopefully he will come back refreshed and rejuvenated.