Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sleep Drama

Lincoln has taken to crying when I put him down to nap and last week, when I went to check on him, his binky (yes, he still takes a binky, whatsittoya?) had fallen out of the crib.

I think: Oh my goodness, he's probably crying so hard it falls out of his mouth as he's leaning over the crib.  How terribly traumatic.

Fast forward a few days as you picture me running in to retrieve it and give it back to him.

I mean, really, could you resist this face?

I'm starting to get suspicious though so today when I put him in his crib, I give him 3 binkies.  Tres. Trois. Drei.  I'm all smug 'cause I know he can't possibly "drop" all of them.

After a couple minutes, he starts wailing so I run up there and peak in his room.  All three binkies on the well as his blanket.  I've just been duped.  Time for Commando Parenting.

I walk in and calmly hand him his blanket and three binkies as I sternly say, "No thank you Son!  It is nap time!"  I exit.

I watch through the door crack as he lays down and closes his eyes.  He is asleep within minutes.

I would like to thank Danny Silk, Dr. Phil and my parents.....

*side note - this picture was not taken today.  Anyone that knows me also knows that my tree is down on December 26th.  That's another story altogether....