Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amish Country!

 Explanation needed?

I figured.
Maddie & I (and Grandma!) headed out to Amish Country last weekend.  Madeline has been wanting to go for about a year now so I told her if she read the Little House on the Prairie series (my original books that I saved from when I was her age!), I would take her.  She whizzed through the entire series in a couple weeks.  Yikes, didn't realize she was that serious.

You didn't think she was going to dress like a commoner for the journey, did you?  

(on a side note: she was photographed quite a bit from other tourists.  The Amish don't photograph themselves or allow photos to be taken of them so once people realized she wasn't "official", they started snapping away.  Hilarious!)

Here she is, on our tour, convincing me that we could "totally" live without electricity.  (you realize I'm serious, right?)  She came home and tried to convince Ron to let us all "try it" for a week.
I love this girl.

 Wearing denim and short hair, I'm not sure if there's a spot in heaven for me.

We saw lots of Amish children riding ponies along the roads.  And dozens of buggies over every hill. Definitely no texting while driving in Amish Country! (or anywhere for that matter)

Here we are buying all things Amish from the local shops. 

A-ha!  I caught them without their bonnets on.   A big no-no for the Amish, even in their homes. 
 (partial credit for Amish-looking pj's though)

We had a fantastic time.  The tour was amazing and made lots of memories shopping, eating at the local Amish restaurants and buying home-baked goods to bring home.  We stayed in a small hotel that was built in 1847 and was orginally a stage coach stop.  It has 20 rooms and lots of history!

Abigail is already planning her journey....