Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If Only I Had Time

If Only I Had Time....I would tell you the story of how my girls are able to navigate the library better than I ever could.  I would take credit but in all honestly, it is sheer neglect.  
Read: I'm chasing after the rest of GLLAM.

If Only I Had Time.....I would tell you about Madeline jumping up in bed with me and saying, "Mom, I gotta tell you something..." and sharing that some boy has a crush on her.  
(Ok, not only do I not have time, I already shed a tear over this once!)

If Only I Had Time....You would read about how Lincoln has me completely whipped and has yet to see his crib.  Oh, my bad, he did take one nap in there last week.  Despite getting weekly emails from mommies all over the country, I have managed to break EVERY one of my rules with this little guy.  And I'm lovin' every minute.
(Oops, was that plagiarism?  Pretty sure that was a McDonalds tag line at one time.  Or maybe a song by Loverboy.  I forget.)

If Only I Had Time....I would make you laugh by telling you about the girl's Biography/History Fair and how Madeline wore huuuge sunglasses and stumbled about introducing herself as Helen Keller to everyone that approached her booth.

If Only I Had Time....I would share with you how I told my husband I had scheduled a vasectomy for him.  It was via Google calendar.  And I got a call about 14 seconds later.

But I don't.  Have time that is.  These are all the stories I would share if I were tending to my blog.  Which I'm not.  So instead, I'll share a couple fun photos with you.  I snapped these after coming home from helping my brother and SIL move into their new house.  Ron had offered to take the day off and basically do My Job.  

Is that a jogging stroller?  In the kitchen??
(please click on this picture to blow it up and give yourself a better view)

A new way of taking out the trash?

If Only I Had Time.....