Monday, September 7, 2009

Best 3 Days Ever!

During dinner time, we often talk about the "most favorite" and "least favorite" parts of our day. 
Tonight we decided to change it up a bit and we asked the kids to share the "Best 3 Days of their far."

-Surprising Aunt Lizzie at the airport when she flew in from Cali last year
-Collecting and getting to bring home ALL my seashells from Outer Banks this year
-Swimming in Florida the time Daddy made me crunchy oatmeal (Christmas 2003)

-Flying to Florida on the airplane (2007)
-Going on family vacation this year
-Being in the delivery room when Lincoln was born
(at which point Madeline yelled, "I want to change one of mine to that one!")

-When Mommy took me on our Mommy/Daughter date night last week
-Going to the zoo
-Going to the park on Park Tour Tuesdays

-When I go to my class (sidenote:  He absolutely refuses to attend any class, Sunday School or otherwise!)
-When I do my sand castle
-Mom, I all done with my questions!

(he had some help with his)