Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gardening 101

We decided to try our hand at gardening this year.  Its been a great learning experience....lots of library trips and internet research, trips to the gardening store and a ton of patience with 8 little hands doing the planting.  ;)

Keep in mind, we are completely suburban folks.  Before this project, our idea of gardening was a trip to the local Farmer's Market.

We are finally reaping the benefits as we have harvested our first few veggies.  The romaine lettuce is growing like crazy as well as the broccoli and spinach.  

We also planted tomatoes, zucchinni, squash, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, cauliflower, strawberries, basil and parsely.  Most of them are getting close to the first harvest as well.

Here is our broccoli.  This was a few weeks ago when they were still babies.
Yummy.  Romaine lettuce.  You should see it now.  HUUUUUUUGE.

I have to admit.  The whole thing has been somewhat addictive.  There is nothing more uber cool than eating something that you planted, harvested and cleaned with your own hands.
(not to mention the major savings of growing organic veggies versus purchasing them!)

**thank you to my bro Tom for allowing us to use his farm and special thanks to Beth for being our garden partner!